Every author takes the reader on a trip. The vehicle is the written word; the pavement is the mind. I consider it a privilege to be allowed to steer your imagination, emotion, and impression with each story. And if you can still feel the open-window air on your face and hear the grinding of gravel under the tires long after you've read the last page of my novel, I'll have done my job.   Enjoy the the ride!

Dawnene's Work

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Parthenon Revisited

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Parthenon Revisited

​In May 2014, four Oklahoma high school graduates plan a canoe trip down the Buffalo River in Arkansas as one last hurrah together. But that year, the Buffalo was dangerous. Rescue teams find one friend drowned but don’t discover Trianna Ferguson until sixteen hours later, face down in a smaller tributary miles from where her canoe capsized. Trianna wakes from a coma three days later, adamantly claiming to have lived in the rural community of Parthenon, Arkansas from the winter of 1918 through the spring of 1921. The psychiatrist assigned her case has only a limited time to unravel the mystery of what truly happened to the girl before it is too late. This is a story about a life perilously suspended  between two centuries.


Flight To Forester: Sequel to Parthenon Revisited

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Flight To Forester: Sequel to Parthenon Revisited 

​When Bud Olton discovers an item his mother had lost fifteen years previously in the Buffalo River, he suddenly becomes the target of an evil plan. To escape the danger, Bud and his father, Chesley, must flee in the middle of the night to an Arkansas sawmill town tucked away in the Ouachita Mountains. From the Great Depression to the Second World War; from man walking on the moon to that fateful meeting at the Ozark Cafe, the story of 2014 high school graduate Trianna Ferguson continues through the eyes of an unlikely source: the son she gave birth to in 1921.


Dirty Money

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Dirty Money

​After her husband's departing gesture leaves her homeless, Madelyn Petrowski does the unthinkable: takes a road trip to New Orleans with her two friends from high school. Madelyn's friends soon realize, however, that something drastic has to happen to bring the old Maddie back to life. So . . . One bottle of champagne, one naked garden statue, & one kiss on his abdomen later proves too much for Ray Harris! He searches high & low, throwing bribes all over New Orleans, trying to find the sexy redhead but returns to Arkansas empty-handed & dejected--until he discovers that Louisiana fox living in his own town! What follows is a humorously poignant tale of one woman's struggle to free herself of a dead man & one man's struggle to dare rebuild himself after being destroyed by a suicidal wife. This is a story of unexpected hope for those believing they might be too far gone to finally get it right.

Never Chloe Volumes 1-4

Never Chloe Volumes 1-4

NOTE: This is one story (not a series) told in a four-volume set. A Cajun dictionary & character list is also available as a supplemental guide.

In the year 1968, a poor rural school in Centerville, Arkansas closed its doors forever. Fifteen teenagers were bussed to Bentley High thirty-five miles away. The mix was explosive as the new students fought to fit in with the academically accelerated city school. Among those students was a Cajun named Mitch Dewey who was determined to win the heart of a city girl who made Marilyn Monroe look like leftover guacamole. What happened as a result would shake and shape not only those two groups of students but also their towns, families, and personal lives for several decades afterwards. Set amidst the rich backdrop of rock, folk, and blues music, social changes, racial prejudices, and the turmoil of the Vietnam War comes an intricately woven story of sacrificial love. The author suggests you read slowly: you only get to be seventeen for just one year.

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Never Chloe Volumes 1-4


The Cajun of Never Chloe: A Supplemental Guide


The Cajun of Never Chloe: A Supplemental Guide

This supplemental guide is designed to accompany Never Chloe Parts 1-4. The guide contains a dictionary of Cajun words & phrases used in the four-book novel, a list of characters, as well as photographs of items of interest, locals, & character representatives mentioned in the novel.


Mystery at Nine Mile


Mystery at Nine Mile

Nikki Conway and Jessica Maxson are ten-year-old detectives. Well, detectives in training. Up until Nikki's vacation to Utah's Nine Mile Canyon where Jessica lives, the only mysteries the girls have solved have been "Who made this mess?" and "Where is the hair brush?" But all of that is
about to change. Someone has threatened to bomb the museum! Someone is trying to scare Jessica's family into leaving their ranch! Someone is stealing the canyon's rock art! The closer Nikki and Jessica come to unraveling the mystery, the more dangerous the situation becomes.


Put on your thinking caps and buckle your seat belts. We’re going on a road trip!

Return of the Faerie Queen


Return of the Faerie Queen

For Ana Emli's 8th birthday, she visits Great, Great Grandpa Casey in the mountains of Arkansas. The imaginative little girl is convinced that she must become somebody else while
there because of all the new "firsts" she will encounter. Ana Emli has never slopped pigs, gathered eggs, drawn water from a well, or been in a place where the clocks show the time as 9:00, but it's really only 8:00. Unbeknownst to all the humans, the entire Casey Woodland Faerie Kingdom has been anxiously awaiting the return of their beloved Faerie Queen who was cruelly taken from them 104 years previously. This is a tale of nature, of family legacy, of endearing imagination, and of old people becoming "star-kissed" as they view life through the eyes of a child again.


Dawnene Casey